The Institution

The Arts Centre of the Ruhr University Bochum is quite unique in Germany: it offers a space for creativity, not only for music and theatre, but also for the fine arts and intermedial arts. The building of the Arts Centre hosts studios for painting, sculpting, printing and etching, a photo laboratory and a professional photo studio, rehearsal rooms and practice rooms, as well as its own theatre. Students can attend seminars and workshops and have the opportunity to fuse theory and practice, aided by artists and practitioners; they can sing in the choir, play in the orchestra or join one (or more) theatre groups. Thus, people at the Ruhr University can go beyond academia, flex their creative muscles and enhance their artistic talents. Or they can enjoy a broad variety of concerts, exhibitions and performances.

For more information on the four main areas (fine arts/intermedial arts, music and theatre) and their current offers, see our website or the programme brochure. For more details you can also contact:

Fine Arts/Intermedial Arts: Ortrud Kabus
Music: Nikolaus Müller
Theatre: Karin Freymeyer